Don't Just Survive the Meltdown...THRIVE! teaches you: 

Skills and Ways You Could Make Extra Money Now that Will Be Even MORE Lucrative AFTER the Meltdown of Society!

Our Membership Area has 6 Modules:

  • FOOD
  • FLIP
  • FIX
  • FUEL
  • FUN

Every Module will have "Sections" and "Lessons" in them.

Every Month I'll be Adding New Money Making Content. The Member's Area WILL Become One of YOUR Most Valuable Resources for Making Extra Money Now and for Preparing to not just Survive...but THRIVE After the Meltdown.


Everyone needs to eat. Food represents a fantastic (and my favorite) income opportunity both BEFORE the Coming Meltdown of Society and AFTER.

Before the Meltdown, there's currently a huge and growing market for organic food. "Local Grown" is also a wonderful buzzword that can put money in your pocket.

"Food" is the flagship module of the membership site. In this module I teach you 1) What to Grow; 2) How to Grow It; 3) How to Sell It.

After the Meltdown, there will be different concerns about food than there are now. People will not care so much about "organic" food. They will just want to fill their bellies. In the "Food" Module "After the Meltdown" Section, I'll show you how to grow the most 'belly-filling' food you can in the least amount of space. Maximizing Land and Water Use will become critical after the Meltdown.

Also, I'll teach you How to Never Run Out of Seeds. This is a CRITICAL SKILL to learn for when Society Collapses!​


Flipping houses is a current hot opportunity to make money. But it takes a lot of capital and a lot of skills to pull off. Flipping cars is easier, but there are still capital, legal and technical skills involved. There are other things you can 'flip' to make money quickly both now and after the meltdown. This module will show you the easiest things to flip to make the most money possible as fast as possible with the least amount of up-front capital required.​


People are hurting financially. The economy is starting to recover a little, but anyone who is really awake understands that the current National Debt continues to grow and it's a Ponzi Scheme that WILL end in economic disaster. It's not IF, it's WHEN?

That being said, people don't have as much money as they did and they want to fix things that need repair. In this module I'll show you the things that people will want to fix both now and especially after the meltdown.

I'll show you how you can learn to repair those things easily and how you can charge great money now, and continue to make money (or barter) fixing the same things after the meltdown.


The way to make money is "Buy Low; Sell High." There's no easier way to "Buy Low" than to buy ingredients or parts and make them into something of value. There's an unlimited number of things you can make in your home or garage that are cheap to make and that you can sell now or trade after the Meltdown.

In this module I'll show you some of the best ideas of what to make, how to make them and how to sell them. I'll show you the best things to make that are popular now and that will be essential after the Meltdown. ​


People need fuel. They need it for their engines, for cooking and for keeping warm in the winter. It's possible to manufacture fuel on a small area of land. In this module I'll show you how you can make Fuel that you can sell or use yourself now and sell or trade after the meltdown. Being a supplier of fuel after the meltdown will put you in a very powerful position!


People cannot stand to be bored. They need constant entertainment. Providing Fun for people can be very lucrative and there are endless ways you can do that. After the meltdown, people will be desperate for distractions from the horrors of their daily life. Providing some Fun for people will be something you can make money with now but after the meltdown, you can become one of the most favored (and well off) members of your local surviving community. That positive popularity will give you financial rewards and make you politically powerful.​

Who Am I?

Peter Dudek Prepper, Internet Millionaire

I've made over $10,000,000 online selling products I manufacture out of my home. I've been a 'Prepper' for over 10 years. I've owned an Organic Farm. I know what makes money now and what will make money (or be valuable for barter) after The Meltdown. I can help you learn how to not just survive, but THRIVE after The Meltdown.


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How low?​

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